Our Themes

Our main theme of our digital library is famous internet cats. Internet cats are a sweeping sensation, popping up on YouTube videos, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, and many other social and photo sharing sites. They have also expanded into commercial merchandise. To avoid these new international and viral feline superstars, one must need to have been living under a rock. When our group met and the idea of cats was introduced, we realized how fun it could be! Also, as we were working with internet cats, we also wanted to have a secondary theme of social media. We all are major uses of social media and wanted to include it into out library.

Material Included

Each cat who has become famous, became famous by being shown online on multiple websites. The material we then decided to include were YouTube Videos, photographs from different social networks and websites, as well as items for sale with the cats faces, to show how popular they are. These materials show in some cases where the world first got a glimpse of the cats, or how the cat’s now popular appearance is used on the product.

Choosing Metadata

We had electronic sources for all of our items, so opted to describe them by title, poster, date posted, description, source, and URL. We also linked URL’s to their direct site of access, so between the direct links and the metadata, any of our items can be found quickly online. This will allow anyone to access the same link and know the most information about it.

Organizational Structure

We decided to organize the library by the names of the cats. The names are most often what are searched by to find photos and information about the cats. We listed all of the material for each cat on one page to scroll though, as well as have individual links for each separate item. We also grouped together types of items, such as videos, blogs, or photos for each cat. We then created a browse section where all videos of all cats can be viewed as well as the same for other media types. Our main goal in organization was to have many pages link to one another and create a closely connected digital library.

Design Considerations

We first thought to use WikiSpaces, but, then as we chatted in a multiway Facebook chat with each other, we realized with our electronic content we would like to use a program that would allow us to create a site geared toward social media. WordPress.com was mentioned and it was able to support our wants and needs. In our design, we first wanted to have social tagging be the main focus of our library, however, we soon found out WordPress.com does not support tagging on all pages, only in posts, which only show on the main page. After knowing we couldn’t have an elaborate tagging system, we decided instead to create many pages and link them to each other in various ways to create an interconnected system of pages within our library so users can easily navigate all around, as well as use the search bars on top and bottom of the page to also navigate.

To continue with our social media theme, we also used widgets to add in a live twitter feed of “#internetcats”, have YouTube videos, photos from major social media sites, as well as leave open commentary on our pages as well as social tags for our main page. WordPress.com is for mainly creating blogs, so our library continues to have a social media theme through the blog like interface.

Problem? What Problem?

Initial problems we ran into were from WordPress’ interface and functions menu. We had to figure out how to navigate the site, how to find where to add the widgets, we had to read the instructions for many. Our first main problem was finding out if we could tag in pages and not just posts. We posted to the discussion forum on wordpress.com, as well as read other discussions and searched Google before we found out that function had been dropped from WordPress.com. So, we collaborated and decided on a new direction, make pages and link pages instead of tags.
Also, we had to play around with other aspects, such as how to find the correct Twitter ID for the Twitter widget, how to link pages to each other, how to make a new page under a parent sites, add in URLs, and overall how to design our library.
Working together and having patience allowed us to overcome these hardships and eventually create a working digital library for our chosen internet cats.

Choice of Cats!

Choosing the cats was a hard decision! With so many available, it was extremely difficult to choose! Eventually we did choose and here’s how:

Marisa chose Grumpy Cat because she loves cats and finds it hilarious how unimpressed Grumpy Cat always looks next to anything!

Kayla chose Maru because out of all the famous internet cat’s Maru is her favorite! She loves the way Maru shows determination to fit in tiny boxes and is so cute while doing so.

Emily chose Lil Bub because her stripes makes her look like a mini tiger. Lil Bub is really cute and small, plus very adorable. What’s not to love?


While working on this project, we decided a logo would be a nice way to ‘tag’ all our pages with our own unique image that represented our library. The internet is worldwide, cats are on the internet, so cats too are worldwide now! Hence, our world globe with the cat ears and whiskers representing our cats fame across the world! The original pre-photoshopped image came from: http://www.clker.com/cliparts/b/1/u/x/o/4/world-md.png




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