Grumpy Cat

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Original YouTube Video
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Title: Meet Grumpy Cat
Poster: Cataliades
Date: 9/22/12
Description: This photograph of Tard introduced her to the online community via the website Reddit. The picture had hundreds of comments and later turned into a famous internet meme as well as spawning a website and later merchandise.

Title: Grumpy Cat on a Car
Date: 11/17/12
Description: The owners of Grumpy Cat took a photo of Grumpy Cat on a car and posted for all her fans to see. Her face is so popular, the owners have created websites created solely to share her photos with all her fans and viewers.

Title: The Original Grumpy Cat
Poster: SevereAvoidance
Date: 9/25/12
Description: The rise of frame of Grumpy Cat came from an online video, this YouTube video, as well as a picture posted to the website, Reddit. This video now has over 13 million views as well as other videos posted from the same account.

Title: Meet ‘Tardar Sauce,’ the grumpy cat gone viral
Date: 12/2/12
Description: Grumpy Cat and her owners were on the national news show, The Today Show. This shows how Grumpy Cat has earned national fame and the owners of the cat also are nationally known.

Title: Grumpy Cat iPhone 5/5s Case
Seller: UrbanOutfitters
Date: 2013
Description: Grumpy cat’s face is currently very popular so having her face on items will help them to sell. SKU # 2927870 Protective hard-shell case topped with a grumpy feline friend. Allows for easy access to all ports & controls and snaps right into place. Imported SIZE Fits iPhone 5/5s. Price: $25.00.
Description: Grumpy Cat has expanded into commercial merchandise from many stores, online shops, and other sellers. This shows the demand for the image of Grumpy Cat.

Title: Grumpy Cat™ Good Morning – No Such Thing Coffee Mug
Description: Grumpy cat’s face is currently very popular so having her face on items will help them to sell.  Handle and lip of the mug are colored to match. 11 oz. or 15 oz. Available in 10 colors. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Imported. $22.30.





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