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Title: Maru
Poster: Mugumogu
Date: 12/8/13
Description: Maru is angry because this box is too small for him. He can not take a nap in this box. Even though the box is tiny it will not stop Maru from trying to fit in it. There Is nothing more Maru loves more than boxes. This picture represents Maru’s determination to conquer boxes big or small.
Source: sisinmaru.blog17

Title: Sleepy Maru
Poster: Mugumogu
Date: January 11, 2012
Description:Here Maru is falling asleep in a box and he winks at us as he tries to stay awake. He is so tired from trying to get comfortable in this small box. Maru’s owner posts photos of him almost everyday to satisfy his fans, no matter how tired Maru is he always pleases his fans.

Title: A box and Maru
Poster: Mugumogu
Date: 12/9/11
Description: Maru loves squeezing into boxes that are too small for him! Lets watch him jump into this one. Maru is a very determined cat as we see him here he does not give up easily. Maru believes practice makes perfect and he loves nothing more than practicing jumping into boxes.

Title: The Maru Cat is playing with box
Poster: Mugumugo
Date: Dec 4, 2012
Description: Watch Maru as he tries to slide into as many tiny boxes as he can. This youtube video is also a great example of how determined Maru is. Maru approaches any box challenge with skill and a stratigie. Using tril and error Maru succeds in his goal and conqures the tiny box!

Official Maru site


Title: I Am Maru
Poster: Mugumogu
Date: Current
Description: Keep up with everything Maru. See new photos and updates on Maru daily here at his official site. Maru’s official is managed by his owner Nora or “Mugumugo” her YouTube name. She and Maru the cat live in Japan which is why the blog is in all Japanese.


Title: Your daily dose of Maru
Poster: Shannon
Date: May 29th, 2013
Description: This blog gives daily updates about Maru that include photos, videos, and news. Here a reader can get all the information on Maru the cats they missed. Shannon is an ultimate fan of Maru the cat so she has created this blog dedicated to him. She gets all her material from Maru’s original web site managed by his owner Nora or Mugumugo which is her YouTube profile name. Even though Maru is not Shannon’s cat she has grown to love Maru like a lot of his other fans. Shannon gives Maru fans another way to see photos and videos of beloved Maru in case they missed it on his official web site which is in Japanese. Shannon’s blog is not the only one of its kind but it is very well done and it has a large archive that shows how long she has been actively posting photos and videos of Maru the cat.






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